Sunday, September 25, 2005

Taunting the opposing team

Yesterday was another blowout game for UND football. Poor Augustana. Final score was something like 52 to 3. When this happens, most of the Alerus center empties and the student section thins down to the die-hards. Unfortunately, with a lead of almost 50 points, our team doesn't need a lot of pep-you-up cheers. So instead our student section turns to the players sitting right in front of us-- the opposing team.

I'm not Ms. Sports or anything, I mean to me seeing a football game doesn't make or break my Saturday afternoon. However, my blood was really starting to boil at this past game. How many times can you chant "Hey, # 78, YOU SUCK!" I mean, hello, he sees the scoreboard, he is aware that today is not the highlight of his career. I don't mind a few harmless cheers where we taunt the guys about bad passes or what not. That’s the game, but one cheer in particular was getting to me…

Must be yell "pussy" constantly? Is that necessary? Do I grab a bullhorn and start yelling "PENIS!"? Why is pussy the ultimate sports put-down? For example:

"Hey #78, quit being such a pussy!" ... "The Vikings are pussies!" ... "Your coach is a pussy!" etc etc etc. As if, "you suck" wasn't un-original enough.

I would like to remind all the testosterone brain-damaged fans out there that the 'pussy" is not an insult, it is a magnificent organ that gives pleasure and bears children. So if you could refrain from screaming it in football arena, that'd be great. If you really want to insult the guys why don't you refer to them as something powerless like, I dunno.. "impotent" or say, "limp dick." I can hear it now,

"#78 you have a flacid penis!"

See, doesn't that make more sense if you're insulting someone's masculinity?

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Christy said...

As always, Tobesie, you make me smile at times when I need to. :) (my grammar is so bad...)