Tuesday, September 27, 2005

And the "biggest jerk of the century" award goes to...

...Discovered this quote while searching for info on a town devestated by Hurricane Katrina. This quote comes to you courtesy of Rush Limbaugh. Hope it was the pain pills talking:

"I mean, why didn't these morons leave New Orleans before the hurricane? I'll tell you why: because they wanted to rape and loot! That's just the way some people are! And if they're black--if the rapists and looters are black--it's not George Bush's fault! We've had these problems ever since the Emancipation Proclamation. Once the whites leave town, all you've got is overwhelming lawlessness. That's not racism, Mr. Snerdley; it's a proven, demonstrable fact. Have you even seen a ghetto in Greenwich, Connecticut? I rest my case."

What a pathetic, pathetic man.


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Christy said...

I would suggest turning on the comment verification feature if you want to avoid crappy spam comments.

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