Tuesday, September 27, 2005

If I met the pope, I would kick him in the shin

The Catholic Church is facing major scandal (and by scandal, I mean not only the fact that priests were sexually abusing children but also that the Catholic Church COVERED IT UP). Now the church is responding by doing an investigation.

An common-sense person would think, "They must be studying on how to recognize pedophiles or educating their church communities on what to do." But no, the Catholic Church is launching a different type of investigation. Starting this September, more than 220 U.S. seminaries will be surveyed. Every faculty member and student must answer and sign a lengthy questionnaire and one of the questions is: "Is there evidence of homosexuality in the seminary?"


The Vatican is using the survey as "a service to American bishops after the recent sex-abuse scandals." No where in the survey are there questions about pedophilia. Does the Vatican need sex ed.? Its pedophiles, not homosexuals who have sex with kids. DUH. Homosexuals have sexual relations with people of the same gender that happen to be consenting adults.

What irks me is, not only is the church putting its members at more risk by not addressing the problem of pedophilia, they are trying to pin the problem on a group of people (whom are already responsible for oppressing) who had NOTHING to do with abusing children.

If the church wants to blame someone, they should look inward.

Some have attempted to justify this survey. They say some priests might not have been well prepared for a celibate life. Rt. Rev. Francis Maniscalco, spokesman for the U.S. bishops' conference said, "With gay rights, people have put this forward as a lifestyle that is acceptable."

In the words of Lil' John.... HWAT!?!

That's the most pathetic excuse since "I did not have sexual relations, I had a blow job" - ala Bill Clinton. Not only is it laughable as an attempt to justify the rape of children, it's sickening. What about the gay lifestyle says "have sex with kids." In fact, if I had to say it, the lifestyle of a PRIEST seems to be the one promoting sex with kids, these days.

What the church needs to do is admit its mistake in attempting to keep this problem quiet and try to make amends to the many people they've wounded. People in the Church should develop healthy sexual attitudes -- hard to do when your church is so freakin' backward about sex anyway, but if they addressed the problem and didn't try to pin it on gays, we might have safer and happier congregations.

After that the Chruch should issue an apology to the gay community who they have slandered. While they're at it, they can apologize to women as well, for still treating us as second class citizens.

Sorry to rant so much lately, I don't even have a funny line to end this on. It's just my harsh truth tonight, folks. Next post, I'll try to find something lighter to discuss. Like my love of Village Inn pie or something...

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