Thursday, September 15, 2005

Whoa.... my own little space

It's 10 am. I have class at 11. I am in my PJ's. This is a perfect time to start my very own blog. I've been a wanna-be blogger for some time. Only my wacky schedule and fear of new things electronic has been holding me back. But the time has come, the dawning of a new and glorious age... MU HAHA!

Kidding. But seriously. This was insanely easy to put together. It's like snorting crack. In no time at all you feel happy and carefree... not that I've ever snorted crack. Which brings me to my next point... who do I share such a site with? Do I give this link to family members or just friends? I'll admit I have been known to curse a time or two, especially when angered. I cannot be censored. So forgive me folks if this site is sometimes rated M for mature. That's just how I do it, yo.

An interesting philosophical thought to ... think of. What would happen if I gave this web address to no one? Would I rant on into the cold bleak world of internet? That is rather empowering but nah, I think I shall unleash myself upon the world.

Get ready for some calm chatter and some wild shrieking. This girl had lots to say and she might be ticked off when she does it.So... thank you for visiting and hopefully something I will write can inspire, move you or hell... lull you to sleep. Whatever you need. I can only giggle wildly at the fun that is to come. Imagine me, with my own little space to type whatever. Oh boy.


Tyler M Tupa said...

Just remember that for any blather you spew into the great world of the internet, there are always dozens who will comment upon its greatness...or lack thereof. Enjoy!

Joe Muka said...
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