Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For Adrienne

After my post where I detailed the large project at work that had me going mad, Adrienne asked 'So what DOES a golf swing say about a business style?'

According to the big-corporate, male-dominated viewpoint that wrote the outline... this:

X. Golf Course Insight

A. Golf cuts more directly to the psyche than other games or situations.
B. It’s astonishing how so simple a game can reveal so much.
C. The gimme putt

1. Some people refuse all gimmes; Translation – It’s hard to do a favor for people like this.
2. Some don’t wait and assume it’s a gimme; Translation – Big ego, They won’t ask you for a
favor either; they expect it.
3. Some half try – if it goes in, fine; if it doesn’t, they weren’t really trying and count it as a gimme. Translation – these people are hard to pin down, have a capacity for self deception, and tend to exaggerate.

Well now, don't you feel smarter?

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

I feel famous. :)

Except that I had to ask my partner what a gimme shot was. ;)