Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Mind boggle

Via Shakesville

Yep, must keep shouting "There's no Misogyny!" over and over while at the same time characterizing a woman as a "hissing bitch" who gets into "cat fights" and is bringing a "gynocracy" to the White House with her "gender sword." Ooooh, also make a joke that insinuates that women are only part of a "vagina dialogue."

Yes, there's absolutely no misogyny at all. Women really do "have all the rights and privileges."

Who does this guy think he's kidding?


Anonymous said...

The guy is right. Many people do not like Hillary's personality. She's doesn't have a core and that confuses people. She comes off as fake. She might as well hang up her pantyhose and call it a day.

Adrienne said...

I don't like Hilary and don't plan on voting for her, but I think that Mark Rudov pretty much buried himself in the first five seconds by saying "Men should not allow the vagina monologue to become a vagina dialogue."

Excuse me? MEN should not ALLOW?

I don't know if Hilary isn't getting voted for because of misogyny, but the t-shirts, jokes, and internet sites that essentially say, 'bros before hos' ARE misogynistic.

And Amen for saying that if someone referred to Obama as an N word it would be bad news bears.

Anonymous said...

What could one expect from a guy who wrote a book called "under the clitoral hood" and exclaims on his web site that "YOU are tolerating HER nonesense!"

I mean, throughout the video he didn't acknowledge any of her points, and just repeated himself over and over. She at least tried to address what he was saying and countered his arguments, and he was just ignoring her. I'm pretty sure if you could prove to this guy that his position was wrong, he simply wouldn't accept it anyway. He's one of those people with a sense of moral and intellectual entitlement. If he acknowledged that he was wrong about anything, I can picture him breaking down in tears.

This is why I encourage the protection of freedom of speech for people INCLUDING this guy. He might as well be holding up a sign that reads "I'm a total prick" and we know not to give him any support as a result. Better for this crap to be out in the open where we can dismantle it.