Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm so sick of O'Reilly's obsession with Miley Cyrus and this latest photo scandal.

Everything about that clip makes me nauseous. First off, he interrupts the two female guests at every opportunity and then with the asinine comments, "I thought her father, Billy Ray been pretty good in keeping THE GIRL out of scandal." O'Reilly then goes on to say he can't imagine why Cyrus was shooting with Vanity Fair since that isn't her audience. According to Bill, Vanity Fair is for "older liberals looking for whatever they're looking for..." **Cause liberals never have kids who OBSESS over Hannah Montana?**

Most importantly, O'Reilly wants us to know he's just looking out for Miley. After all, he says, "Middle America doesn't want their 15 year olds looking like sex symbols." And "Being a good girl is good business."

Sure thing, Bill. After all, the TV shows that score biggest with Miley's age group are squeaky clean. Take for example, Gossip Girl.

And good, God-fearing folks never want sex in their teenagers...

What the hell is wrong with Bill O'Reilly and his OBSESSION over Miley Cyrus' good girl vs. bad girl image? Of course Miley's gonna do a shoot with Vanity Fair. Any female star who's made it has done so by taking racy photos at some point or another, from Kierra Knightly to Nicole Kidman, it happens.

That's not to say we shouldn't stop a moment and discuss the serious issue we have with sexualizing young girls in this country.

However, what is the deal with O'Reilly and other fundie-ilk playing holier than thou over Miley's risque pics and barely blinking when young women in this country are forced into "marriage" and raped. These victims are Miley's age AND YOUNGER!! Why is that not a blip on the radar? Why doesn't Bill worry about that? Could it be because it falls under religion and male dominance and control and Bill likey the patriarchy?

And really, does O'Reilly have ANY CLOUT AT ALL speaking about, 'being good sells' when he was embroiled in his own sexual harassment scandal while he was trying to peddle his O'Reilly Factor for Kids book? Need reminding?

Personally I'm thinking everyone from Daddy Ray Cyrus to Vanity Fair needs their head examined but I'm so OVER the religious right's shock and dismay at this photo 'scandal' -- Miley is doing what most girls her age are doing, experimenting with being sexually attractive. She's doing what ALL women in Hollywood do and that is sell herself sexually. In a culture where female relevance is determined by sex appeal, and relevance determines your Hollywood career, I don't think Hannah Montana will be suffering in the long run.

I feel for the Jamie Lynn's, the Miley's, the Britney's and the Simpson girls who are all supposed to talk about their virginity while pouting their lips and sticking out their chest on the covers of magazines. And who are supposed to hide in shame like good girls when their 'true slutty nature' comes out-- e.g. with embarassing online pics, or a teenage pregnancy.

As usual, Stephen Colbert has the best take.


Anonymous said...

Bill Oreilly is concerned with Miley's image because she has a significant influence on American female youth. He wants her to be a non-sexual role model for young girls, and he is putting a lot of political and social pressure on Miley to make sure she keeps that image. It may be an unrealistic image, but since when does the media and Hollywood portray real images? I believe Orielly's effort is noble. He is trying to pursuade our youth to value more than just sex and sexual status. He is trying to pursuade Miley to emphacize non-sexual, idealized characteristics, which are rarely found in our sex and violence driven media. As for the photographer, she's just perpetuating the sexual objectification of young girls.

Adrienne said...

Disclaimer: My little sister, for her senior photos, wanted an artistic pose about how her music was more important than anything. So she wore a swim suit and posed behind her guitar-- achieving the look that she was completely nude. However, SHE was 18-- legal age of majority-- AND not only was our dad there, he took the photograph. I'm not a prude, or super conservative, but I do think there is a line.

My issue with the photo is not the skin that Miley is showing, it's what she IS wearing.... the wrapped up in a bed sheet look accompanied by the bedroom eyes, like she had been photographed post-romp. I have a lot of respect for Annie Leibowitz, but I would like to know what exactly she was going for here.

The statement issued by Daddy Ray today (which I doubt) said that he had left the photo shoot for a prior engagement before this shot was taken... if it IS true, then the photo is a little reprehensible. This is a 15 year old girl.

And be real. If she wasn't Miley Cyrus, what would your reaction be? If you found these photos of your niece, little sister, daughter, or little cousin, what would you say then? I have a 15 year old cousin that I would be SOOO worried about if I found this photo of her. The fact that it is a celebrity, taken by a celebrity photographer, what does that really mean?

Not that I necessarily agree with Bill O'Reilly *shudder*, but I do think that it would have been admirable for Miley Cyrus to take a stand against being a sexualized tween star. I think that Mandy Moore is a star who has done an incredible job of staying mostly out of the sexualized spot light, and no one can say that she isn't incredibly successful.

I do feel for the Jamie Lynn's of the world. I think that the media puts them out there to be sex symbols when they shouldn't have to be and aren't ready for it. They are CHILDREN.... it isn't all their fault, and they will inevitably have to take most of the fall for it. Pastor Simpson (Jessica and Ashlee's dad) cashes some HUGE checks because of Jessica's 'double Ds' (those are HIS words), and Lindsay Lohan's dad is (in)famous for going on Larry King when no one else from her family was talking about her crises.

We should all unplug our tv sets for a month. I think we'd find ourselves to be much happier and sane.

ouyangdan said...

here's my issue w/ this whole thing...

i am really tired of:

logging into myspace to see an ad asking if i am "hotter than Miley Cyrus". she's fifteen, i don't think anyone has any business deciding her "hotness".

i am wondering where we draw the line b/t "art" and child pornography.

i firmly, maybe even rabidly, believe that women have a right to their own bodies and sexuality, but no one has the right to capitalize off of the sexuality of a 15 y/o girl! it's sick, and if this really was "post romp", we would be searching for a RAPIST.

we have no business making these girls role models for our young kids. but, we have less business flaunting their sexuality or toting their virginity as an asset. a 15 year old girl (while i personally have a slight problem w/ girls that young having sex, i am a realist, and i know they will do so) has the right to her own sexuality, but it is hers alone. hers. a private matter, as long as there is no one exploiting or raping her. it is not for the public.

this is why the Lindsay Lohans and the Jamie Lynn or Britney Spears of the world are having the problems that they are. we are sexualizing children, something that a lot of internet sickos get arrested for. but when it is a world famous "artsy" magazine, it's art.

thanks for this post, Tobes.