Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Giggle

Today I stumbled upon the site, I Heart Guts.

There you can purchase t-shirts, buttons, stickers and gym bags with cute, cartoon organs. You can also buy plush organs. Like the "Womb service" uterus (which, naturally I just ordered).

The ad copy says:

This soft pink uterus is ready for action! When it's that time of the month, you may not like your uterus much, but hey, you wouldn't be here without one, so give props to this special reproductive organ. Besides, if you think cramps are bad, you should try childbirth. This extra-soft 8" x 7" plush comes with an informative tag that describes the magic that is the uterus.

HELL YES! Show the reproductive system some love.

I think it would be great idea for pediatric doctors or parents to order the whole range of these toys- what a fun (and less scary) educational tool for children. I also think these make great gift ideas. For example, I purchased the "When urine love" kidney for my aunt who is losing a kidney to cancer.

My fave came when I placed my order...

Thank You!
Your order was a grand success. Let's party.

The guts are working on your order! Processing and shipping usually take 5-10 business days, depending on the mood of the USPS. We do our best to send the freshest guts possible, though we don't ice 'em, that costs extra.

Run by the site today and check them out. They even sell a kick-ass uterus t-shirt.

Coming up: My review of the Obama/Clinton rally -- really I will write about it- I just fell behind :)


ouyangdan said...


that is so cute i could just cuddle up w/ it during my own time of the month!

or yell at it, as the case may be. wev, it's cute.

Moondancer said...

I have to get one of these for my daughter. How cute!

Anonymous said...

When I first came across the "I Heart Guts" website last week, I was a little shocked. The faces make each organ cute.

If I had the uterus, I'd give it a nice big hug and thank it for bringing people into the world, despite the big, bloody mess it makes each month! Thank you uterus! Where would we be without you?