Friday, April 25, 2008

I have missed you

I subverted the patriarchy today!

I have never been happier to see a Friday. I have a list of stuff I want to blog about -- and it's a mile long, no joke.

But I just have to share why I have been MIA. For those of you who don't know, I work for a giant international corporation-- does that impress you? It shouldn't. I work at the front desk as the receptionist-- ooh the power. This means I frequently get super lame 'projects' on behalf of the big-wigs who just don't have the time in their busy, busy days to type their own memos etc.

This Monday (also, my birthday) I was saddled me with one of the lamest projects I've had to date: A giant 3-ring binder with at least 100 pages of typed text. My job... was to RETYPE IT ALL into a word document. So -- that sucked hardcore. I typed for 8 hours straight every day this week and I'm not even halfway done.

(Hence me not going anywhere near a keyboard on my free time).

If you can't imagine it being any worse.. jut wait. There were entire sections on, "What a partner's golf swing says about his business style." *head desk* It gets even better. All the references to secretaries-- female pronouns and all the mangers and sales people-- you guessed it-- male pronouns. Naturally I had to do SOMETHING.

So I switched all these references so now the women are out golfing and making business deals and the men are working the front desk -- it's my mini-revolution.

What have you done this week to subvert the patriarchy?


The Red Queen said...

That is AWESOME!

I haven't done anything that cool recently- just fighting trolls. ;)

Oh oh oh- wait that's not true. I am (slowly) converting a very typical conservative, religious guy with a stay at home wife to feminism.

And I played with Alice. Did you know that if you tickle her- she will fall in the water. It's true.

The Red Queen said...

Did I lose a comment here again?

I was sure I typed one, but I am all blurry eyed from blog redesign.

(If I did and I am just in moderation please delete this comment)

Hurray for gender switching in corporate crap! Don't type too hard. We prefer you to do your rabble rousing here.

And I've been playing with your Alice. She is quite the penguin.

Tobes said...

Okay, so you wrote two comments but I liked them both. Hooray for Alice! :)

Adrienne said...

I can't tell if I was tickling her or if i really did just shove her into the icy cold water.

Rock on, Tobes. And I'm curious: what DOES one's golf swing say about her business style?

The Red Queen said...

I love Alice. And I was totally surprised by how many people play with Ruby. I thought it was just me.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you scan the "100 page document" and automatically convert the document to word? It would have saved you a lot of time.

Tobes said...


You are so brilliant (not being sarcastic here). Sadly our big wig said that he "just likes word better because it's easier to use." So because he can't learn PDF's... I have to hand-type it all.

ouyangdan said...

ZOMG Tobes that is so funny. amidst all the troll fighting, (and they are full force again at my place *groan*) i really needed something like that.

if we weren't so busy inventing privilege and focusing on nonexistent sexism to see that we could all be free if we would just admit that there is no playing field at all, we might have more fun!

that is a wordy way of saying, i love the pronoun switch, and that i need to spend some time tickling alice...

which could be a new funny way of saying "alone time". lolz.

ouyangdan said...

oh, except now i feel like i am bullying poor alice.

but she liked the fish.

Adrienne said...

i wondered the same thing as anonymous. I was like.... there has GOT to be a faster way to do that... but... if you had scanned it, there would have been no subversion. :)

Dana said...

That's hilarious AND awesome. Nice work!!

geas-slave said...

My goodness I laughed. I wonder how that will go over.

Tobes said...

Thanks for commenting, I love when new people comment and I can make my way back to new and exciting blogs!

Also, I'm so glad people are enjoying Alice. I am obsessed with these pets!!!

Red Queen-- I'm working on developing some "Troll-B-Gone" spray, when its done testing, I'll send you a bottle.

Jay said...

Amazingly brilliant. I love it.

And Alice is my new best friend. True, but sad.

Kim@Religiarchy said...

Oh so funny. Nice job!

The Red Queen said...

Tobes- that is why I love the magic that is haloscan. I have the power to turn douchebags' comments into nursery rhymes and also to banish them. It's as close to troll be gone spray as you an get.

Anne Onne said...

I haven't done anything apart from the usual lifelong chess game that is converting everyone I know not-feminist to feminist.

I can't remember any specific instances on my behalf, apart from the usual explaining things to trolls (it's really about the lurkers!) this week.

I think anonymous meant that some scanners come with software that allows you to scan in the document as a word document, where it converts the image to text that you can edit same as if you had typed it in. Ive done it, but it's not 100 percent free of typos or wrong letters.

Still, it's great to hear you're getting your revenge! >:D

I spent five whole minutes wondering if alice was some child you all knew before I remebered the penguin. I think I just traumatised Alice by dunking her in icy water. Whoops. Also, can you kill these things with overfeeding them, because whenever that's possible, I have a problem of accidentally doing so. Tamagotchis were the bane of my life as a kid.

Also, sorry for no shiny blog link to make you happy. If or when I get one...