Friday, May 02, 2008

Atta girl!

I originally saw this on Elizabitchez and also here-- a blog post rightly labeled ,"THIS is how you take on Faux news".

For a condensed video

I am so proud of Hillary Clinton here. This is the Clinton I saw in North Dakota, a poised and powerful speaker. Anyone who can handle Bill O'Reilly with this much grace deserves some major props.

She didn't take the bait when he tried to tell her how unlikeable she was, how her health plan would certainly fail, and she didn't even get mad when he suggested that the Clinton family money was all Bill's and she was trying to take it away. I also thought she responded very professionally to the Rev. Wright controversy.

I see that some sites are taking Clinton to task for making the joke about "rich people, God bless us," as if she's being arrogant. It should be quite obvious she was mocking Bill O'Reilly for his anxiety that his 'hard-earned' (HA!) money might go to some drunk bum.

This is the woman I'm proud to support. She's not perfect but she has great ideas and a lot of experience. If this is how she handles asshats like O'Reilly, I feel 100% confident in having her as my President.

Totally unrelated but amazing article-- check this out.


Anonymous said...

Yea, I liked Hillary in this interview too! However, she's not consistently demonstrating this kind of persona. The persona she now has and will continue to have is that of a social chameleon. She's a person without a core. No core makes her look unpredictable and inauthentic and voters dislike these qualities.

ouyangdan said...

a fucking men!

Adrienne said...

I'm glad you posted this, because I am one of those people that just really doesn't like Hilary. I hate to admit it, but that self-satisfied smirk that she always has actually really offends me. In this interview she seems so much more approachable and intelligent than I've seen her before.

Not to hijack your post; but... I also liked how she handled the questions about Rev. Wright; but what drives me nuts is that no one seems to acknowledge that A) He has every right as an American citizen to say whatever he wants to, and B) Barack Obama has not said any of those things or in anyway appeared as though he agrees with any of Rev. Wright's sentiments.

Growing up, I had a pastor who I looked up to like a father, and in the church he did sometimes say inflammatory things (usually about homosexuals) but he also did so many good things (like community service and missionary trips) that we all kind of had an understanding that he was an imperfect and complicated person, just like all of us. Weird. Years later we found out that he'd been having an affair with a congregation member (who was married) for almost a decade. Point being, even though I considered myself to be very close to the man, I had NO idea how he really felt about things like the sanctity of marriage and succumbing to temptation. Does being a member of his church put a mark on MY good conscience? No.

I feel the same way about Rev. Wright that I feel about the crazy baptists from Kansas that picket at soldier's funerals. If you keep feeding their flames, they will just keep growing hotter.