Thursday, May 15, 2008


I must be mental.

I joined my company's softball team and it's actually been a ton of fun. However, I am not/nor have I ever been an athlete. Last night we played two games in a row and today I am moving like a robot. I know I've worked muscles that I've previously left alone and I think my body is protesting. Like, "Whatever bitch, you can TRY and get up that flight of stairs... maybe if you hadn't SPRINTED out of nowhere last night!"

What? Don't tell me I'm the only one that has conversations with my body.

Well today I was still in a sports mood so I had to watch a "League of Their Own." I frickin love that movie. It's just fun and full of important messages about women and feminism. I love this scene where the managers unveil the skirt-uniform expecting support and the athletes are pissed. Geena Davis' line is the best "SHORT!? I'm gonna have to squat in that thing!"

It reminded me of an amazing post I read awhile back on Echidne of the Snakes that talked about sexism in sports and how we STILL have a long way to go. It's a quick read. Make sure you head that way.


Adrienne said...

My favorite part of that movie is when they are throwing the ball around and a black woman from the crowd catches it and throws it back over their heads.

Tobes said...

I always get teary in that scene. The sadness of it because we spend the whole movie so happy for these women and then it's like -- oh right-- this shit was happening too.

Another movie that does that to me is "iron jawed angels" when they're planning the suffrage parade and they want the black suffragists to march in the back. The black woman says, "I'll march with my peers or not at all." And then during the parade she sneaks in and marches with the white women. It is awesome.

It'd be great (more than great actually) if hollywood took those two sings and made a movie about it. I mean, they're two short blips in both movies but the story it could tell....

Tobes said...

sings = scenes.

No more wine while bloggin