Monday, May 05, 2008

Very cool country star

I've always had a soft spot for Gretchen Wilson, a grammy winner and country superstar (her hits include "Redneck Woman," "I don't feel like loving you today" and "When I think about Cheatin." - She's a standout in an industry that wants its women soft, feminine and Fatih Hill-like *(not that Faith isn't good too) -- she has a real, raw talent and a Tammy Wynette quality in her honest songs.

Now I like her even more.

At 34 years old, she passed her GED exam and will finally get a high school diploma. Wilson dropped out in 9th grade (in her home state of Tennesse 20% of H.S. students never graduate).

Wilson said she did it for her 7-year-old daughter because:

"I certainly don't want her to think you can be this successful without an education."

VERY cool.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure her hometown is Pocahontas, IL. I don't think she's from Tennesee. But I agree with you, she is very cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Gretchen is pushing an illusion: education is required for success. But in reality, Gretchen did become succesful without a 4 year high school education. So I guess Tobes thinks it is okay for Gretchen to promote an unrealistic ideal and brain wash her kid, but it is not okay for Bill Orielly to try and persuade Miley to promote an idealistic "squeaky clean" image. I am wondering when it is okay to be unrealistic and idealistic. It must only be okay when liberal values being promoted. :)

Tobes said...

Never knew that getting a complete education was a liberals-only value! Are conservatives anti-education? Did I miss that memo?

Gretchen did get her success without finishing school, but her story is one in a million. The reality for most high school drop-outs is pretty grim. And even for someone like Ms. Wilson, having a high school degree can only help (if nothing else, I'm sure its about self-pride).

I commend her again for being a better role model, not only her daughter, but for all her fans. Calling it brainwashing is just about as dumb as its gets. Everyone I can think of from Bill O'Reilly to the most radical feminist would tell you that you can't put a price on a good education.

Comparing this story to Bill O'Reilly and his hypocritical conern for young Miley (when he's a known sexual harasser of female employees) ... well, its such a poor argument that I don't feel the need to respond further.