Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Website compares bad movies to being "bound, gagged and raped"

Yeah I don't really care for this.

So I e-mailed the site creator:
To whom it may concern:

I have no issue with your website. However I'd like to raise serious objection with the tagline.

"Don't let your favorite video game franchise be bound, gagged and raped."

Please do not use the horrible and all-too-prevalent crime of rape to make a point about video games being made into movies. You're smart enough to set up a website, I trust that you'll be smart enough to come up with a less-hurtful quip.

If you'll permit me, here's quote from a feminist blogger on the subject that may explain better:

"Rape jokes normalize and effectively minimize the severity of rape and thusly perpetuate the rape culture. And I'm bothered by the thought of a woman who's recently been raped, who's just experienced what may be the worst thing that will ever happen to her, and turns on the telly to watch her favorite comedian and have a much-needed laugh—only to hear him using that horrible, life-changing thing as the butt of a joke."

Please consider changing your website banner.



If you feel like letting them know you are also not a fan of rape humor, the e-mail is:

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lindabeth said...

way to speak up!