Monday, May 12, 2008

Beyond Rape: A Survivor's Journey

I spent over an hour today reading the installments of this story. It was well worth it. Check out the video but also make sure to read this amazing story.

Part I - Telling the Story I Tried to Forget

Part II - One search ends, another begins

Part III - The privileged and the cursed

Part IV - Partners in crime, allies in courage

Part V - Talking to the dead, taking back my life


Beyond Rape: a survivor's journey

via Feministing's fabulous "Weekly Feminist Reader"


The Red Queen said...

Oh Tobes- that was incredible. But I would skip reading the comments on the story.

angryyoungwoman said...

I tried to read it when it was on Feministing a few days back. I didn't even finish the first part before I had dissolved into a puddle of tears on the floor. There needs to be a MAJOR trigger warning with that story.

Why all these tears lately? Blame the emotional woman! :)

Tobes said...

Emotion = connected = thoughtful = empathetic = good person = strong = warrior.


I really SHOULD have warned of the triggers there. That story was a MAJOR tearjerker for me too.