Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Funny - Feminists created the gays!

Because there's no one better to give you advice than a man wearing a toliet seat around his neck while pointing a water gun at a cherry.

Also his desk nameplate reads "The Viking"

"If the mom wears the pants, the boys are gonna wear the skirts.... it's scientific."

Ahhhhh stupid people... always good for a laugh,

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Adrienne said...

Um, hi? Couple reasons that this guys math skills are not too hot.

1) Since when does being gay = being a child molester? Maybe those two guys that he knew that were child molesters turned out that way from hanging out with a guy who wears a toilet seat for a necklace.

2) Since when does wearing a skirt = being a homosexual? There are plenty of 'manly men' who also happen to be gay. SURRIOUSLY.