Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Paris Hilton, I was wrong

You actually seem quite awesome. I'm sorry I never thought so before...

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Seriously, I think we've underestimated this gal.


Sarah said...

At least she can make fun of herself, but I highly doubt she came up with any of that on her own. I'm not sure she has been underestimated about her intelligence, but maybe about her ability to read lines.

Just my two cents :)

Brian said...

I'm sorry Tobes... I have to disagree... while it's pretty funny, I'm pretty sure we haven't underestimated Paris Hilton.

Anonymous said...

Paris is hot though...I will give her that!

Sarah said...

Being hot does not excuse the gaping hole where her brain should be. Personally I do not think she is all that attractive, I'm not sure what it is about her, maybe her bird-like nose. On the other hand, her sister Nicky is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Adrienne said...

I actually am a pretty big Paris Hilton fan. I know, I know, she seems like the antithesis to modern feminist thought, but I don't know... I think what I really like is that she isn't afraid to just straight be who she is and do what she wants. It's true that she doesn't know a lot of 'every day' things, like filling out a W4 or doing her taxes... but lets be fair. She's never had to do it before, which is not her fault-- AND it's not like any of us would really mind being rich enough that we didn't have to do that, either. Plus, I've done my own taxes for years and I still have no idea what I am doing.

And I do think she's gorgeous.

Tobes said...

I'm with Adrienne. I used to really dislike Paris cause I was always reading about how she danced on tables and then called other girls sluts or something. I was like-- SERIOUSLY. You have all that money and you do THAT with your free time.

But when I think about it, I don't know Paris Hilton. I know the media construct of Paris Hilton. And let's face it. The media hates Paris Hilton and women like her.

I'm not saying she and I would end up best buds but I think she got a raw deal -- public image wise-- and I think she is a beautiful woman.

Plus- not letting yourself be used by the McCain campaign machine-- BRILLIANT!

Sarah said...

Maybe the media did play a part in constructing this image of her, but if she wasn't out acting like a moron to begin with, calling other girls sluts and dancing on tables as you pointed out, they wouldn't have the footage to prove the fact that she is one. I don't really feel sorry for her, nor do I really think she got a raw deal with the way she was portrayed. Money is no excuse to be that ridiculous.

Strangely enough, I somehow have a fondness for Nicole Richie, and they're kind of in the same boat. And as always, there's my ginormous girl-crush on Pari's little sister Nicky. I guess it just must be the fact that I find Paris completely irritating with the little girl voice she constantly uses whenever she talks.

Okay, I'm done, I promise, haha.

Tobes said...

Oooh yes, you are correct. The little girl voice is creepy. Mostly because I figure some jerkward boyfriend told her along the line, "it's sexy when you talk baby talk" --- PUKE. I've heard her speak with her "big-girl voice" and that is just soooo much better.

The little girl voice is just, sad.