Friday, August 08, 2008

Right now

I'm trying not to tweak out, run downstairs and start wildly pounding on the door of the garage where the "band" is practicing. Their bass player has cranked his sound. So I have been hearing the same simple bass guitar notes repeating for ... about two hours now. I'm really sick of it. It was a beautiful night and I wanted to read with the windows open. No go. Now I'm sitting here with everything shut tight and I can still hear the three notes. Over and over. Constant same rhythm. LEARN SOMETHING ELSE!!! Better yet-- just turn down your amp. Or best of all-- STOP NOW.

I am the grinch.

In other news, two men I previously admired, have really dissapointed me.

John Edwards admitted to an affair and the news of this is trumping Russia invading Georgia and the Olympics starting in China. Words cannot express my disappointment. I don't think an affair means you're a terrible person but it certainly doesn't win you any points with me. And besides the obvious hurtful betrayal of his family, it feels like a betrayal of his supporters. If you are serious about running for President you should really steer clear of CREATING huge scandals like cheating on your wife (while she battles cancer) and possibly creating illegitimate children.

Someone mentioned in the comment sections of that this sort of news only really bothers when said cheating politician is a pubic hypocrite who for example tries to legislate morality or condemn gays for bad lifestyles (all the while screwing a young intern). I think I feel the same way. I am a remarkably forgiving person and I'm not part of his life or marriage or anything else. I so wish the media would dig at real issues the way they dig at the personal sordid details of celebs and politicians. Ultimately it doesn't matter what consenting adults do in the bedroom as long as it doesn't break laws. I'm more concerned with our CURRENT administration breaking all sorts of laws re: wiretapping and torture and creating laws that equate birth control with abortion and make it harder for Americans to get health insurance.

And... Anderson Cooper.

Don't know if you're familiar with the Anderson Cooper vs. the Lohans debacle. But it broke my heart. I used to really admire Anderson. But no more. By all means, go after Dina Lohan, she is a gross stage-mom. But when he started mocking a 14 year old girl on national TV, he lost major major points with me. Pick on someone your own size, Anderson. Seriously. Was there really nothing better to talk about?


Bianca Reagan said...

Boo Anderson. "Striptease"?

Sarah said...

Though I admit that taking shots at her was unfair, it was kind of entertaining. That whole family is a mess and it's sad that the younger sister is probably going to turn out just like Lindsay, in rehab 3 times before she even turns 21. And yet their mother somehow managed to win herself a parenting award. Granted, it was from some Long Island mothers association and let's face it, that doesn't carry much weight, but still. Dad's a real charmer too...

As for John Edwards...I was really disappointed in that too. Regardless of whether or not the child is his, it's a letdown that someone you had faith in to possibly lead your country turned out to be someone else altogether. I don't think it makes him any less of a viable candidate in the future in terms of being able to run the country, but I think citizens have the right to hold their leaders to a higher standard and it's sad when that standard has to be lowered. But we all make mistakes, so, there's not much else to be said or done about.

Adrienne said...

Ali Lohan is still a child. All she knows is what she has been taught, and she's had to contend with a whole lot more than I did when I was 14. If I saw my sister smeared through hell every time she farted, I might end up in rehab, too. And as for her mom, yeah she's a creepy stage mom, but in no way is she the devil. She obviously raised two beautiful, talented girls with little to no help from Dad, who seems to be a transplant from bizarro world. Anderson Cooper was SO out of line. Not even kind of cool.