Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Girls or Gadgets?

Dating shows- all of them -- make me physically ill.

They always play on the worst stereotypes about men and women and they typically feature the most shallow, cruel and sexist people EVER. Seriously, where do they find these people? Who raised them?

Maybe you think I'm overreacting. It's fun watching the idiots on Blind Date, right? Not so much for me. I really do hate those shows. How much you ask? Well, to me they signal a coming apocalypse.

And because 'reality' TV is always upping the ante, these shows are constantly getting worse. Sexy boyfriend sent me a link the other day and said, "Have fun blogging this one" ---

Yeah, you thought it sucked when we lined up women like a meat market and picked based on biggest boobs? NOW we're throwing inanimate objects into the mix!!!**

The concept is really quite offensive to both sexes. Dating shows already had me accustomed to the idea that people were exchangable-- even for cash. But gadgets and technology as a replacement for a date/girlfriend? Kinda takes objectification to another level.

But then I forget that reality shows - specifically dating shows are evil. They say nothing about love or human connection and everything about what is wrong with humanity. It's just a game and we're all the losers. However, considering what's on TV now, I don't even know why a concept like this should surprise me.

I can tell you what doesn't surprise me... the show, Gadget or the Girl, airs on the Playboy channel.

**To be fair... I have noticed that men on dating shows are held to similar sexist standards


Sarah said...

I miss the days when the only reality tv shows around were The Real World and Road Rules. *sigh*

Tobes said...

Hahaha. Those were the days. The crappy TV regulated to MTV where it belonged :)