Friday, August 22, 2008

Spotlight/Friday Giggle

Friday Giggle:

Tampons are evil.

I concur.

From blogger Rachel Setzer --

Spotlight on 12 year old, Amelia Robbins who is taking on the system:

Kate Harding thinks the girl is pretty bad-ass too ;)

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Ouyangdan said...

Have you read Cunt? Hahaha...she goes on such a rant about tampons and pads and how the man driven industry is fashioned to shame us about a beautiful thing that happens to us whether we love it or not and and all it does is piss us off and cost us money. The book is full of win (I don't buy every word, but it made me fall in love w/ my cunt a little more).

This just reminded me of that. Lolz.