Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great webcast

I found a great link at Feministing's weekly reader.

It's a webcast (listen to it here) to do with online harassment against women. The panel is full of insightful and funny women who have lots of experience to share. The entire thing is over an hour long but it's worth it. At least catch the first 20 minutes where Jessica Valenti, a US blogger and founder of Feministing speaks about her most recent case of online harassment stemming from this fabulous you tube video:

I had no idea that the response to her video had been that terrifying. It made me stop and take the time to write to Jessica in support. I hope you all do the same -- jessica@feministing.com

This webcast was helpful for me, a small time blogger who deals with her fair amount of trolls. I do not post the threats or the comments that merely spew bile but I publish a fair amount of condescending snark from trolls that are along the lines of:

"Let me tell you what you DON'T understand, little lady."

Some days I get really tired of that. I mean, there's a big wide internet out there -- why can't these guys go hang with all the other misogynists? Seriously- go. They'll gripe right along with you about 'womenz and their unfair quest for equality.' But I think I agree with the webcast panel that publishing some of these comments is good because it brings together a "swarm" of other feminists who will rally.

I see that happening right now on my Answering Anonymous post. And I want to thank any and all of you who support feminist blogs and comment here. I promise to keep this space as safe as I can and I always welcome a feminist swarm :)


ouyangdan said...


it's a great space.

The Red Queen said...

I love fuck you fridays. They make my week.