Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just say NO to Dr. Phil

Let me say first off that I never watch Dr. Phil at home. However, it's 85 degrees in my office today and I have nothing to do. I was feeling a coma coming on, so I ventured to YouTube, where I saw this....

I'm trying to understand. It's been my opinion for some time that Dr. Phil is a menace to society, but what's happening here is blowing my mind. If I was in this audience, I would be on my feet screaming.

"Hey asshole, you aren't talking about sex. You're talking about rape."

When you feel that women are things to go after and sex is something you take, that is rape. When you are so calculating that you drink seltzer to appear drunk and keep a woman drinking so she can't "sober up" and realize she wants to go home-- that is rape.

It's an episode called "Out of control male egos" and Dr. Phil refers to this man as a "Casanova" -- STOP IT. This man is not a gift to women, he's a threat. Even if he's not coercing sex, he is a serial objectifier. In the first few moments of this video he lays out 3 points:

"Fucking" is a commodity second only to water.

Men should be like cavemen: "Grab that woman off the street, drag her back to your lair."

"Women ultimately only care about a man's ability to pay and his ability to make love to her."

As you can imagine, with this being on YouTube there are some charming comments...


This is why shows like this aren't in "good fun". Because attitudes like this aren't rare. They are prevalent and dangerous. Giving these freaks a public appearance on Phil (I refuse to call him doctor anymore) just reinforces some idea that this attitude about women is "normal" or "harmless."

And hey-- I thought Phil was a guy who took people to task with his "straight talk"?? Yet this topic is a big joke. Besides the obvious bad press for women, this show is insulting to men too. By treating this guy as a "Casanova" with a big ego, they miss the point. All guys want confidence and want romantic game -- but I don't know many guys who would want to be like this jackass.

Wanting to screw anything that moves (and keeping a spreadsheet about it) has nothing to do with biology and everything to do with being a juvenile-minded asshole.

At one point, the crew puts the "Casanova cam" on him and sends him into "the lion's den" cause women are wild animals -- get it?

But it turned out to be great because they interviewed the women he hit on later. And they said, "NO I did NOT appreciate it when this strange man came up behind me and tried to touch me."

Imagine that!

How about putting THESE WOMEN on the show, Phil? Why not have a dialogue about street harassment, the culture of objectification and the dangers of men like this who think as "cavemen" and feel that they can trick women into their bed and take 'what's theirs.'


The Red Queen said...

This dude is gross. And I've just been thinking lately of all the awful things brought to us by Oprah- Dr. Phil, the Obama endorsement, that maniacal little doctor who likes to talk about poop color and shape.


Bianca Reagan said...

What a dick. I haven't even seen the YouTube clip yet. Phil is a loser. Get that creep off the air.

Anonymous said...

I think this guy is great! He's trying to show guys the way back to masculinity. Nice! He's right. If a guy wants to simply have sex, just poor on the confidence. The research shows its the #1 turn on. He's also right about not spending money on dinner. It's a waste of time. The funniest thing about this clip is that the females in the audience look disgusted. However, if any one of them were approached away from the show and camera, they would be all over this guy. Women are weird. They like sex, but they usually must have all of the stupid romance before hand. This guy shows how to short circuit that crap! great clip tobe!

Tobes said...


You underestimate women. Sure some just want a hook-up, others may want a relationship -- but a great many women just want a nice, decent guy not a smarmy, spreadsheet-making creep like that.

You seem really self-assured about how "women" (as if we have one collective brain) would respond. Completely ignoring their obvious disgust and their statements of disgust tells me that you could use some more experience in the women department.

Good luck and remember to just be yourself. If you only want sex, be honest. Girls like sex too. What they don't like is being played by goobers like that dude.

Happy Dating!

Tobes said...

Also, check this out for help

The Red Queen said...

Anon- you are mistaking (sorry for the profanity Tobes) assholery for confidence.

Real confidence is being able to ask for what you want and to be able to take no for an answer. Real confidence also doesn't need to keep track of the number of women you've conned into bed so that when you're precious male ego is feeling bruised you can whip out your list and remember that you're a real good liar.

lala said...

Nice link. "If you have to use trickery to get a girl into bed, you're not really a Casanova. You're a junior date rapist." That sums the whole thing up right there.