Thursday, June 05, 2008

Welcome back Whedon

I made the spectacular mistake of missing Firefly before it was cancelled. But I know from watching Buffy and Angel that Joss Whedon is a freakin genius. I will tune in January 2009 *(groan-- so far off!)* and catch Dollhouse. It looks promising.

So says Joss Whedon

Are you ready for it, ouyangdan? :)


The Red Queen said...

You can watch all of firefly free on

Ouyangdan has been harassing me for months to watch and i just saw the first two last night. Pretty cool.

ouyangdan said...

yes i am bringing more people into the cult!!!

i can not wait for Dollhouse!

Eliza Dushku is awesome!

she also has a very woman friendly clothing line, IIRC.

Joss Whedon is my master now. ;)

RQ, it's good that you made it past the first two, while they are good, a lot of people judge on the very long pilot.