Friday, June 20, 2008

The Pro-Choice President

I blog over at and consequently am privy to some cool news. For example, Planned Parenthood has created these "widgets" for facebook, myspace, blogs etc (example above). They feature a running countdown to the next pro-choice president. I have one up here right under Alice, my pet penguin (feel free to feed her fish).

Side note: I had to think awhile about posting this widget. I realize that Obama claiming the nomination for Democratic candidate was not happy news for everyone. It has caused major rifts in the progressive community. Personally, this primary season left me feeling squashed and pained as well. Several other bloggers have said it better than I could. And certainly with such difficult times immediately behind us, it's hard to feel "rah rah" at the current moment.

However, knowing what I know about John McCain, I feel I must do everything I can to see he is defeated in 2008.

John McCain has consistently voted against women. He doesn't believe women deserve equal pay much less control of their bodies. He's voted against affordable birth control and medically accurate sex ed. He proudly states that he wants Roe v. Wade overturned. I'd say he's a bigger threat to women's lives that George W. Bush. And that is pretty damn scary.

So if a pro-choice President means as much to you as it does to me, and you support Obama for '08, feel free to head to this site to download a widget to add to your internet space in support for pro-choice policies back in the White House.

Thanks to Planned Parenthood for working to put choice back in Washington!

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