Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Obama claims the nomination

Just watched Obama speak -- it's no surprise because Clinton's campaign was behind in the 'numbers that matter' category. Overall, it was a nice speech and I am so glad that he paid Hillary so many (very true) compliments.

I wasn't always in the Hillary camp. When this whole primary season started, I leaned towards Edwards. As Barack Obama gained more and more followers, I started to pay attention. And I can admit, he wooed me with his promises of change and hope. I still think he's a good speaker. But by the time I cast my vote, I had decided on Hillary.

The longer this campaign went on, the more pro-Hillary I felt. This really solidified when I saw her and Barack speak in Grand Forks. Clinton was absolutely amazing. While Barack was a touching speaker, so was Clinton and she had something Barack did not--- she had solutions to the vast problems plaguing our country. Very detailed solutions that proved to me that here was a canidate ready to lead. That was the speech that gave me faith in real change. That was when I knew I was a Hillary girl 100%.

That's not to say her campaign has been perfect. And I don't hate Obama, I just feel Hillary would be better qualified. This campaign took an ugly turn when sexism and racism became more and more accepted in the media. From "iron my shirt" to Liz Trotta on Fox news joking about 'knocking off' Obama/"Osama". Yes, she "pretended" to make that mistake with his name.

And I'd like to make it very clear here that I've never felt that Hillary needed to drop out to "heal" the party. Frankly, the party broke itself.

Tonight, watching this primary wrap up, I felt an odd mix of hope and anger. Anger that this primary has become so soaked in sexism... I'm angry that a lot of people felt no shame going on national news and calling Clinton a bitch or insinuating that because her marriage failed, so should her run for the presidency. I'm angry that the idea of a woman president is still controversial in 2008.

But I am hopeful that Barack will claim Hillary as his VP and make a stronger ticket. I am hoping he makes good on his promises he laid out tonight -- renewable energy, universal health care, stronger economy. I hope that he continues to speak out for Clinton's positive attributes when so many in the media will gleefully tear apart her "failure."

I will vote Obama because voting Green or not voting at all is as good as voting McCain -- a man who admits he knows nothing about the economy, is comfortable continuing the war indefinitely and is against women's reproductive rights and gay marriage.

I hope the party will unify, I hope Hillary knows she didn't let any of us down. I hope for strong democratic ticket in 08.

Update: Why does Melissa McEwan always say it better? :)

PS: On a lighter note... for your viewing amusement, this was the 'graphic art' in a North Dakota paper when Obama and Clinton spoke here. We have no other landmarks? Only buffalo? Yikes....

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La Pobre Habladora said...

Do you think the party broke itself? I think I'm hopeful enough to believe it's not broken, despite the media's best attempts to break it - largely using sexism and racism as weapons and trying to pit people who should be natural allies against each other. But perhaps our party's weird rules with super delegates and primary dates will break the party... I hope not, we've got such large problems right now that to focus on anything other than the real issues seems irresponsible, if not criminal.