Friday, June 06, 2008

Sexism against SATC part II

Apparently responsible for downfall of women

I told you that the Sex and the City movie was getting whomped by the sexism stick. But I don't know if I was prepared to see this.

For reference, Mark Rudov also brought us these hits:

- He called America a "gynocracy" and said of Sen. Hillary Clinton: "The woman is not called a B-word because she's assertive and aggressive; she's called a B-word because she acts like one."

- "Well, this is exactly why men shouldn't allow the vagina monologue to become a dialogue. Hillary Clinton, who's living by the gender sword, is going to be dying by the gender sword. She sends in Elton John to do her hissing when she's having a catfight with America."

- "Men are depressed, and it's their own fault, because men are allowing women to take over the world. You know, female happiness is an oxymoron."

- When asked about the downside of a woman president he responded, "You mean besides the PMS and the mood swings, right?"

- Comparing Obama and Hillary: "When Barack Obama speaks, men hear, 'Take off for the future.' And when Hillary Clinton speaks, men hear, 'Take out the garbage.'

That's a SMALL sampling.

I just want to reiterate that it should be very, very telling that conservative commentators are in such a huge rush to "boycott" this movie and condemn not only the movie characters, but ALL American women as shallow, spoiled, whiny, manipulative whores. The SATC movie and series was far from perfect, but it was about women. Women were the stars and they drove the plotlines. It was about women getting what THEY wanted. And that's scary to these assholes.

These women wanted careers, wealth, respect and power. They wanted choices - they had abortions and children out of wedlock and they didn't apologize for it. When a marriage failed, they got out and got a divorce. They wanted sex. They WANTED ORGASMS. Women getting what they want is scary to a man like Mark Rudov. He obviously has a toxic personality, and I'm willing to bet a tiny, tiny penis.

I'm not saying SATC is a revolutionary feminist statement. It's driven by a lot of consumerist ideals. But what big budget Hollywood film isn't? Think of some of the movies targetted at men. You're gonna tell me their film heroes are so much loftier than Carrie Bradshaw? Look at some of the biggest male-driven hits -- the Apatow comedies, the explosion/shoot 'em up action/superhero hits. Those are all about consuming hot women and driving fast cars... oh and getting high.

But when women shop for shoes and sit around and talk about unhappy sex lives, or cheating husbands -- they are whiny, "entitled princesses" who are just ruining life for men.

Someone please tell me why someone like Mark Rudov, whose entire career is made selling sexism gets booked on all these big talk shows so frequently? Why is there always one poor women on the panel to defend this movie (as if she has to justify her choice to see a mindless summer flick)? Why do we need to silence women everywhere-- even when its fictional women in movies?

Just let women (and men!) go see the movie. They may love it. They may hate it. But they are entitled to go without having to explain to a bunch of assholes why four fictional women in a movie do not mean that all women in America are vapid and whiny. Especially when this series has tackled so many serious issues: broken realtionships, forgiveness, friendship, cancer, infertility, death, etc etc etc. I am so sick of people dismissing this show as stupid SIMPLY BECAUSE it stars women and is targetted at women. Stop trying to tell people that women's lives = stupid!

What I find even more interesting is that the male anxiety over Sex and the City was going on pre-movie. I was (stupidly) watching Family Guy last night (In case you haven't heard, I've HAD IT with that show -- honestly -- I seriously can't handle it anymore) -- an old episode came on where Brian the dog is watching SATC on TV -- naturally only because he's hanging with gay guys. Brian comments:

"So, it's about three hookers and their mom?"


Cause 40 something Robert Downing Jr and 60 something Harrison Ford just played studly action heroes and no one seems to tweak about that.

Interesting... and yet completely predictable.

Blog, Women and Hollywood has more about sexist comments against SATC

Mom's words of wisdom upon reading this blog:

People like this ass face Rudov (whoever he is) annoy the hell out of me, but really -- who takes him seriously? He says this crap so he can get his ugly face on Fox news shows. They have to talk about something because heaven forbid that they talk about how their hero Geoge W. and his cronies Lied thier asses off to get us into a war that resulted in the deaths and mutiliatons of thousands of American soldiers and that we'll be paying for for the next 4 or 5 generations. it's all sound and fury signifying nothing.

Your points, however, are well taken. I wonder if people from other countries who see movies like this think this is the way American women really live??? That would be frightening. On the other hand, these women do have the power, status, smarts and money to live the lives they choose for themselves without apology. Even if we don't live in Manahattan and spend all our time shoe shopping, this is a goal for which we should aspire!!!

:) I *heart* my liberal, feminist mother


Habladora said...

Sigh. This reminds me of some of the 'sexism doesn't exist, you uppity [beep]' and 'you feminists are all just sexist against men, you [insert favorite gendered explicative here]' comments I get on my blog from time to time. I generally just brush it off as the rating of one guy - probably a high schooler. But... this just shows how common, and how accepted, this type of language is.

Anonymous said...

It's true. Only gay guys would go to this movie.

The Red Queen said...

You know- I think the misogynists would be fine if SATC followed the Lifetime example of "all women are victims".

I'm not a huge fan. Seriously- she ends up back with the non-commital jerk who only wants her when someone else does.

But, none of the women on that show, even fluffy Charlotte, are perpetual victims. They screw up, they make mistakes, they get hurt and they get over it. And they don't usually get over it by falling for Mr. Perfect. They get over it with help from each other.That is scary to men.

Bianca Reagan said...

My Mummy would never say "ass face". Though she would say "Your points, however, are well taken."

I've been thinking about why these outspoken, bigoted men are so hateful towards women. Lately through my travels, I've been learning about how many "successful" men have smart, talented women supporting them, often to the detriment of the women's own careers and potential. I also read this post and this post by 20-year-old jess which made me sad for the confused young women out there just like her. It also confirmed that the work I'm doing and we're all doing is so vital. One day, it will be harder for men to keep disparaging women once women realize that their own wants and needs are important, too.

Bianca Reagan said...

Furthermore, how is it that Bill O'Reilly and Neil Cavuto are making more sense than their guest Mr. Rudov? It's a scary day when Bill O'Reilly says "Look, most American women are not entitled princesses. They're not.", and Neil Cavuto says "That's not necessary. That's not necessary."

The Red Queen said...

Bianca- I know. When Fox news starts making sense you know the world is about to end.

And I suck and I owe you a book review.

Bianca Reagan said...

The door is always open, red queen. :)

angryyoungwoman said...

This reminds me of a day when I was mourning and angry because cnn was arguing over whether it was fair to call HRC a bitch (remember?), and my dad said, "well some women just are bitches." Men are afraid of women who can make choices. Men are afraid when we make political choices, they are afraid when we are sexually autonomous. They're afraid when we have control of what goes on in our own bodies and minds. That's why they try to use stuff like religion and "family values" to keep us in our place--always beneath them.

ouyangdan said...

FTR, the Guy took me to see SATC, and had a great time.

i didn't follow the show as much as some of my friends but i always enjoyed the concept of a show about women and what they want, even if it is shallow at times.

but it's not even that...these "shallow" women are enjoying the fruits of their labors. they are successful, not living off of a trust fund or anything like that (well, there was Charlotte's divorce, but not the same. she had her own money to begin w/). money doesn't equate success, but what i am saying is that these are women that misogynists can't wrap their minds around. the thought that we could *gasp* take control of and live our own lives, do something we love, be good at it, and maybe even make a (better than) comfortable living w/o a husband to hold our hands is unthinkable and dangerous to their structures.

did i make sense?

and kudos to the brave anonymous commenters again. big words from a big name!

ouyangdan said...

plus, i was a L&O fan, and i like Chris Noth then too.

for some reason i always liked Big.

back from the pre Lenny Briscoe days, eh RQ?